Columbia SC: The Real Southern Hot Spot

In the heart of South Carolina, tradition and tomorrow pair perfectly. As a creative hub that's fed by university and capital city communities, a gritty spirit and vibrant energy can be felt all around. It's a city where stately buildings buzz with new businesses and centuries-old sites give rise to fresh perspectives - all this in the midst of surrounding natural beauty. With an unexpected food & drink scene, festivals year-round and a local shopping scene, Columbia SC will leave you looking forward to what's next. When you're ready to plan your safe getaway, we'll be waiting with a glass of sweet tea, unless of course you prefer something barrel-aged or bacon-infused.

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Here's a little peek into the experiences of locals and visitors in Columbia SC, a city bursting with big ideas, forward thinkers and modern attitudes. By all means, show us some Columbia pride and use #RealColumbiaSC while visiting or planning your trip.



What is Columbia SC known for? 


Here in Columbia SC, we’re the heart of South Carolina. Being the state’s capital, the region is jampacked with explorable history, fresh eateries, and more things to do than there are hours to do them. We’re home to eclectic people and a creative energy that all together make up this southern community. Just look around and you’ll see it displayed in our public art, local shopping, and jampacked calendar of events.


What's it like in South Carolina? 


When you’re here expect sunny days and full schedules. Columbia SC is a year-round destination, mostly thanks to the weather. Our temperate climate makes the region accessible to explore no matter the season. With plenty to do, you’ll also find our southern hospitality around every corner. Mingle with locals at Soda City Market or a sporting event and they’ll let you in on all the hidden gems.


Why do they call Columbia SC Soda City?


If you’re thirsty for a Coca-Cola this might not be the answer you’re looking for. The story goes that the US Postal Service started abbreviating the City of Columbia to Cola, to save some time and space. It became a loving nickname for the city and somewhere down the line a play on words came about with the moniker “soda city.”