The Mayans said the world could end tomorrow. And though National Geographic reports the Mayan calendar actually predicts life will go on -- and while I look forward to waking up to a very normal Friday in Columbia, SC -- I wanted to compile a list of famously hot things you can cross off your bucket list... just for kicks (or just in case, I suppose). Here are my five must do's. Read, do and then let us know -- what are the five things you would do in Columbia, SC if you were living like there's no tomorrow?

1. Party like there's no tomorrow. 
If the world's ending, I might as well enjoy a good party! Don't miss South Carolina State Museum's End of the World Party tonight with music, dancing, Latin food and access to the museum's "Secrets of Maya" exhibit. Get more event info here.
2. Eat pimento cheese. 
I'd die without pimento cheese. Try Mr. Friendly's French Quarter Pimento Cheese or the yellow (or Vermont white) cheddar pimento cheese at DiPrato's Delicatessen. Columbia, SC also has the famous pimento cheese burger at Pawley's Front Porch and pimento cheese fries at Rockaway Athletic Club. You can find good pimento cheese across Columbia, SC's restaurants -- so just get out and eat it while you can!
3. Enjoy the outdoors. 
Today it's nearly 70 degrees in Columbia.  Did we mention it's late December? Enjoy the scenic Columbia region by visiting Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Saluda Shoals Park, Congaree National Park, Lake Murray or one of our beautiful rivers.
4. Shop til you drop. 
If the world's ending, I want to go out in >Revente, My-Kim, Pink Sorbet, LaRoque and Kick's will have you looking your best. Get details on Devine Street stores from our recent blog post about A Devine Night Out. You can check out more shopping locations in Columbia, SC here.
5. Eat barbecue. 
You haven't really lived anyways until you've eaten Columbia, SC barbecue. That's because barbecue from the Columbia region is unlike the barbecue you're familiar with -- it's mustard-based sauce and oh so good. Be sure to get barbecue with sauce, hash and rice, and all the fixins at Doc's Barbeque and Southern Buffet, Little Pigs or Shealy's Bar-B-Que. Or try your BBQ with a modern twist from Bone-In Artisan BBQ Truck.
Now, what are your five things to do in Columbia, SC before the world ends? Leave us a comment below or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter. For a complete list of things to do and places to eat in the Columbia region, visit