The day has finally arrived that we could have a shot at the ultimate geek honor -- our very own foursquare badge for Columbia, SC! How cool would that be? It was exciting enough when we got the foursquare cling (pictured above) in the mail a couple years ago! So, here's the scoop:

This week foursquare announced that they want to know "why your hometown deserves a foursquare badge!" How do we get a Famously Hot foursquare badge of our very own for Columbia, SC, you ask?

Foursquare says, "All you have to do is create an amazing list of the best spots to go to, and a badge could be yours! ...As part of President Obama's announcement to boost tourism in the U.S., the White House called on folks around the country to share what makes their city or town a great place to visit. Well, we want to know too! Inspired by the #visitUS initiative, we're putting out a call for foursquare lists with all the best spots in your city. We'll pick the three most amazing ones and creating foursquare city badges for them!"

We all know Columbia is Famously Hot, but now it's time for us to show the rest of the foursquare world. That's where you come in. We want you to help us put together an insider's guide to Columbia, SC -- from the most popular, touristy attractions to those spots off the beaten path.

What's in it for you? We'll pick the best list and give the winner tickets or certificates to ten spots from their list, plus they get bragging rights for their Famously Hot geek cred.

The rules:

1. Follow our list!

2. Follow the instructions on foursquare's blog, come up with a creative name for your list using #FamouslyHot in the title in some way, and share your list on twitter with the hashtags #4sq and #visitUS or submit your list by next Friday, February 3, 2012! Indicate which ten spots on your list you'd like to visit with "Top 10" in your tip.

3. Post a link to your list in the comments section of our blog with your name to be eligible for our contest. Be sure to check back on Monday, February 6, 2012 to see if you won!

If you need some inspiration, here are some existing foursquare lists in Columbia, SC. In the meantime, we'll be working on a list of our own. Foursquare says they'll "pick the three best lists based on the variety of places, quality of tips and photos, and number of followers (and a tweet from your mayor ' or governor! or senator! ' won't hurt, eitherâ?¦)." 

Thanks to a most helpful Twitter ambassador, Alita Hawksworth, for giving us a heads up about the contest!

Nominate Columbia, SC for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!
Nominate Columbia, SC for a social media award
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We were a finalist (#4) last year in NYC!
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Dennis Crowley (@dens), co-founder and
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