Bianca Crawford Shelton

Bianca Crawford is the kind of person that makes you ask, "how does she do it all?" This new mom is also the CEO and founder of the Crawford Austin Agency, which provides marketing and communications resources to clients. She's also a lifestyle blogger, podcaster, and active member of Junior League (important info for all of you Holiday Market fans). Follow along for everything from family fun to the best lunch spots for business meetings. 

Mattison Heatherly

While she may not originally be from around here, Mattison Heatherly has spent the last 5 years getting to know Columbia SC inside and out. The west Texas native loves good food, traveling and an honest review. She started City Social Co. several years ago to help local restaurants with their marketing. When she's not working though, you'll find her hanging with her dog Hank or renovating another room in her home. 

Morihiko Nakahara

If you've ever had to pleasure of settling into one of those red velvet seats at the Koger Center for the Arts to see the SC Philharmonic Orchestra perform, then you've likely seen Morihiko at work. He has been the director and conductor of the orchestra for 15 years and is widely known for his collaborations with musical artists across genres. While he has traveled all over the world, he'll tell you that he loves the welcoming nature and curiosity of Columbia SC's locals. 

John Sherrer

John Sherrer is homegrown South Carolinian with a love for history that he shares with everyone he meets. That works out pretty well with his role as the Director of Preservation for Historic Columbia. You won't find this ambassador solely living in the past though. He's up to date on downtown hot spots, good beer and beautiful running trails.