Villa Tronco, the first Italian restaurant in Columbia, SC, has a fabulous Restaurant Week Columbia menu (along with more than 30 other participating restaurants) that you can enjoy through January 20. Featuring four courses for $30, the third-course options offer Villa Tronco favorites like Veal Piccata and Villa Tronco Chicken. Even better, you can choose one of Carmella's Homemade Cheesecakes for your fourth course.

Travel Tuesday Trivia: Villa Tronco's location is a historic landmark today. Do you know the building's original purpose?  Leave your answer in a comment below, be the first and you'll get a famously hot prize.

Villa Tronco, started by Tony and Sadie Tronco, did not begin as a restaurant -- the couple first owned a fruit store, named Iodine Fruit Store. When World World II began, soldiers from across the United States were flooding into Columbia to be trained at Fort Jackson. Some Italian-American soldiers befriended the Tronco family and Sadie began cooking them spaghetti and meatballs to remind them of home. The restaurant got its start, and is now a Columbia, SC favorite.

Craving that four course menu now? Make your reservation at Villa Tronco before Restaurant Week ends this weekend: (803) 256-7677

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