If there are two things we can all get behind these days, it's supporting local and staying healthy. While you could continue to sing Happy Birthday for the thousandth time while sudsing up those hands, we recommend something a bit more real. Try these local songs to make your twenty seconds a bit more exciting and continue to support local music. Have another song for us to add? Let us know!

Hold my Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish

For those dreaming of re-uniting with their community.

Want you to hold my hand
(Hold my hand)
I'll take you to a place
Where you can be
(Hold my hand)
Anything you wanna be because
I wanna love you the best that
The best that I can


Heaven Fordbid by Prettier than Matt

For those who have had a bit too much time with their quarantine pals. 

Heaven forbid I should find me some down time
Heaven forbid I should have time to myself
I've been running, running, running
I'm so done, I'm done, I'm done
Won't somebody please save me from this hell. 


Carolina Stays with Me by The Reggie Sullivan Band 

For those who love South Carolina, no matter where they find themselves these days. 

Palmetto whispers on the breeze
Well I come and go 
But I never really leave
South Carolina stays with me

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