The South is well known for its love of sweet tea and Columbia SC is no exception. It might sound like blasphemy to mess with a classic, but these twists on sweet tea are not to be missed on your next trip to town.

Cromer’s Pnuts | Iced Tea with Lemon Cotton Candy

Best known for their popcorn and peanuts, Cromer’s wouldn’t feed y’all those salty snacks without something cool to wash it down. Try their iced tea topped with lemon cotton candy. This sweet, refreshing treat is sure to keep you cool this summer. 


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Steel Hands Brewery | Ice Tea Ale

Summer days call for a refreshing glass of sweet tea, but we wouldn't blame you for reaching for something stronger. Around here, you can have both. Steel Hands Brewery out in Cayce is always pouring something new and delicious, and their Iced Tea Ale is no exception. This official brew of summer is perfect for an afternoon of listening to live music in their biergarten. 


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Spotted Salamander | Spotted Salad

All things Southern and fresh come together in Spotted Salamander’s signature salad. The Sweet Tea Vodka BBQ sauce pulled chicken is something to write home about. Alongside this delicious chicken, you’ll enjoy Adluh Cornbread Croutons, fresh tomatoes, bacon and mixed greens. 


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Drip Coffee | Ice Tea with Flavored Syrups

In both Five Points and on Main Street, Drip is well known for their coffee. But you’d be remiss to sleep on their iced tea. Any of their house made syrups that can be added to a latte, can also be added to their iced tea. If you take your tea with floral notes, request the rose cardamom is a must. If you're looking to add a little spice to your life, may we recommend adding the habanero honey to your tea order? You'll thank us later.


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Mr. Friendly’s | Peach Mint Sweet Tea

If you want to put Columbia SC summertime in a glass, head to Mr. Friendly’s in Five Points for a Peach-Mint Sweet Tea. This tasty libation, features sweet tea vodka and fresh South Carolina peaches. Sip on this cocktail while soaking up some sun on their newly renovated patio. Cheers, y'all!


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