"Dance at the Big Appleby Tyrone Geter is #19 on Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center's self-guided art tour. What inspired the painting? In the 1930s, Columbia's African-American community started the Big Apple dance at the Big Apple Night Club. The dance became popular outside of South Carolina, even reaching New York City.

Travel Tuesday Trivia: Did you know The Big Apple wasn't always a night club? Be the first to tell us the building's original purpose for a 'famously hot' prize. Leave your answer in a comment below.
One of Historic Columbia Foundation's historic sites, The Big Apple is just one of many historic buildings in Columbia, SC. Plan your visit to other Historic Columbia Foundation sites like Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens, Robert Mills Mansion and Gardens and the Mann-Simons Site
Want to take the full art tour at Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center? Pick up the self-guided art tour guide at Columbia Regional Visitors Center.