Cancelled: HOUSE CALLS, The Strange Tale of Dr. Gale

August 29, 2020

By Charlie Finesilver
It’s the 1970’s and Forest Acres is a calm neighborhood. Dr. Ian S. Gale is a practicing psychiatrist, and an expert witness for local trials. However, at night, Dr. Gale becomes one of the most sought after criminals in Columbia – a burglar who, in the end, accrued over $500,000 worth of guns, antiques, rate coins, jewelry, and other loot from the residents of Forest Acres. Leaving calling cards like disassembled security systems, plates where he had enjoyed a sandwich from the fridge, or wet towels from where he’d enjoyed a shower – Gale took pride in his work and his ability to pull the wool over the eyes of his victims (and the police). How could a successful pillar of the community turn to crime? Was it his childhood? His adult relationships? The thrill of the score? House Calls tells this local true-crime story with a unique examination of the strange tale of Dr. Gale.