Postponed: Red Not Chili Peppers with Hey, Johnny Park - Foo Fighters Tribute

August 22, 2020

For the past decade the Red Not Chili Peppers have been working to spread our love for the Chilis to fans across the U.S. and abroad. They are fans first, and their beginnings came from nothing but a life-long admiration for a band and their music, which for some of them, was the sole reason they became musicians in the first place. That sincere gratitude, the life-changing gift of music, led the Red Not Chili Peppers to begin this tribute endeavor and since they have been blessed to reach fans from as far as Japan and Korea to Mexico and across the United States. Over the years the band has been comprised of musicians from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and the shared homeland of Los Angeles. Like music, there are no borders or boundaries, just a shared passion for the gift given to us all by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.