Violins of Hope SC and Songs of Life

May 8, 2022

Two international musical performance companies will combine to create statewide events performing together for the first time. Plans are underway in South Carolina to host Violins of Hope traveling from Israel to perform with Columbia’s Varna International, April 18 to May 19, 2022. Violins of Hope features sixty violins played by Jewish musicians who perished during the Holocaust in the death camps. Now restored, the violins-played by local musicians-will remind audiences, NEVER AGAIN. “The violins represent the victory of the human spirit over evil and hatred.” Amnon Weinstein-Founder, Violins of Hope.

Varna International’s “Songs of Life” presents the little-known story of Bulgarians who rescued their 49,000 Jewish citizens from Nazis in 1943. The astounding story of Europe’s biggest World War II rescue will include soloists from the renowned Philp Kutev National Folklore Ensemble of Bulgaria. They will join 250 local performers to present the miraculous story in some of South Carolina’s largest venues. “The union of words and music is the most powerful, emphatic way to deliver a message.” Sharon and Kalin Tchonev, Founders, Varna International.

The Columbia performance will be held on May 8 at 3:30 PM at the Koger Center.