Virtual Art Class: Geological Primer

December 12, 2020

With banded agates, rough quartz, and other colorful stones as guides, this interactive class combines close sensory observation of geological specimens with the act of mindful drawing. Students work with a range of wet and dry mediums and easily accessible techniques to explore each stone’s structure, texture, and color in close and intricate detail.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, this is an opportunity to create intimate works that reflect the rich natural environment that surrounds us. Students participate in a number of short studies to strengthen perception of line, form, structure, and texture, moving between representation and abstraction. No previous drawing experience is required, just a curiosity about exploring natural geological forms through sensory observation and engaged mark-making.

All materials provided, including geological samples, wet and dry mediums, and watercolor papers. Taught by artist Sara Schneckloth, whose work is featured in the current Guignard Gallery exhibition Island Nations / Lands Divided.

Registrants will receive a package in the mail with wet and dry drawing supplies, a range of papers, and assorted extras. The session is best experienced on a laptop or computer monitor with a large screen and webcam. Zoom link will be sent out following registration. Please download the free Zoom host prior to class start time.