Eric Swenson

Eric Swenson: An Inspired and Inspiring Speaker – Change Agent

The challenge for any speaker today is to address his audience's most heartfelt – and often unsaid – needs, and leave them inspired, eager to take on new opportunities, face challenges with hope, or make changes that will positively impact their way of life.

Eric Swenson is the rare speaker – teacher who can do just that, with a God-given gift and a passion to help people live balanced, purpose driven lives.

Who Is Eric Swenson?
Eric speaks to the real life issues keeping people awake at night. Drawing on his nearly 40 years of experience creating and growing successful companies, coaching both business and government leaders, and guiding people young and old and in all walks of life, Eric's inspired words have changed lives, rebuilt marriages, and shaped successful business outcomes.

Christ-centered approach
Unique among many speakers and executive coaches, Eric's inspiration comes directly from the Bible. Time and time again, Eric shows both spiritual and secular audiences that the answers of today's most pressing questions can be found in the scriptures. Christ's teachings are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago…Eric shows you how.

Core Themes
Eric specializes in developing customized presentations specifically for your audience, generally revolving around two core inspirational themes that people need to hear now:

   * Less =More – Our lives have become overloaded. We need less of anything that isn't good for us, and more of the good things that God tells us to seek. Less time on the computer and in front of the TV; more time with the family, more time enjoy life today, right now, and more time with Him. Eric teaches revolutionary ways to reduce stress and achieve work- life balance, and find your Godgiven purpose in life.

   * How Big Would You Dream? – Especially in these tough economic times, too many people "settle." They toil in a job they hate, refusing to take risks out of fear of failure. But what if you knew you couldn't fail in God's eyes. How big would you dream? Eric engages audiences with life-changing coaching techniques that help turn dreams into reality.

To learn more how Eric can help you and your organization, call him at 864-306-2466, or visit us at Eric is scheduling 2012 engagements now!

"When we find our destiny and fulfill those dreams and visions inside us, we truly find the peace we have always been looking for." - Eric Swenson

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