Hot Shots Archery Games

  • Address: 109 B Fabrister Lane, Lexington, SC 29072
  • Phone: (803) 587-1086

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SOUTH CAROLINA - The Grand Opening of Hot Shots Archery Games, LLC brings Archery Tag into South Carolina to provide an active game choice for ages 10 to adult.  This is the first mobile Archery Tag business in South Carolina.  

Hot Shots Archery Games, LLC is located at 109 B Fabrister Lane Lexington, SC behind Cheer Universe.   Cost per hour is $10.00 per person per hour.


Archery Tag (, a brand new sport with aspirations of becoming both mainstream and sanctioned, is played with two teams of five players. Each player is equipped with a bow, two foam-tipped arrows, and a facemask. Gameplay is similar to dodgeball… each team has an assigned side, a player who is struck with an arrow is out, and the team with the most players still on the field at the end of the game wins. To make things really interesting, there are three inflatable bunkers on each side to provide cover and the options to either catch an opponent’s arrow or hit a special target disc to bring one of your eliminated players back into the game.  Archery Tag is an exciting, action-packed, and, most importantly, safe game appropriate for thrill seekers of a variety of ages. Hot Shots Archery Games is a moblie business that can be available for events, fundraisers, birthday parties.

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