Ride Jaunt

  • Address: Downtown Columbia, SC
  • Phone: (803) 929-8999
  • Hours: Mon - Thur 11am-4pm,Fri 7pm-1am, Sat 6pm-1am , closed Sunday

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Jaunt is here to improve the quality of our lives by solving transportation challenges we face daily in a safe, sustainable way. We work with progressive-thinking advertisers to get their business creative and captivating exposure in the areas where people eat, work, and play the most. These businesses effectively become community ambassadors that allows Jaunt to provide this free service that enhances the lives of individuals, local businesses, and our environment. Our electric vehicles make mobility seamless and fun by getting patrons out of their cars for short jaunts around town. Whether you need a ride from the transit stations, from your parked car, or from your doorstep – Jaunt is here to make your life easier.
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