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If you are looking for content rich presentations as well as practical techniques to achieve your goals, Ann knows how to deliver the goods. Experience her engaging humor and southern charm that creates a fun environment for learning. Listen to her stories that capture the hearts and engage the minds of your audience to produce results for your organization. Whether your event is a dinner meeting, annual conference, corporate retreat, or on-site training, Ann can provide a program relevant to your needs and tailored to your goals. If you would like to create something specific for your event that you don't find here, please ask Ann. Most Requested Topics Step Up to Success by Getting Out of Your Own Way™ Personal leadership is an inside job Without realizing it, people sabotage themselves and wonder why they are struggling in their personal and professional lives. Use this universally appealing presentation to... Expose sneaky success saboteurs Learn the solutions to outwit your personal saboteurs Discover three simple steps of personal leadership to put you on a path of action and results Use familiar techniques in new ways for your success (Up to three hours) Running Your Business on Purpose™ Improve your results with more focus in the right place and less work in the wrong place Succeeding in spite of yourself is a thing of the past in this tough economy. Accelerate your business with this entertaining and practical approach to... Examine four key principles your business needs to succeed Find vulnerabilities in your business Learn where you can make small changes to produce big results Discover how to keep good employees and find great ones Take important projects and initiatives off the shelf to improve your business (Up to three hours) Cracking the Teamwork Code Unlock workforce potential and energize efforts for profits and purpose Your success depends on the skills, talent and motivation of others. This engaging presentation will help you... Build a stronger team to serve your customers with excellent products and service Learn how to confront a culture of low accountability for higher performance Get things done through others and minimize burn out from the "lone wolf" paradigm Identify the guidelines for helping others succeed so you can succeed (Up to three hours) Take the Selling Out of Sales: Turn Your Prospects into Clients Is your brilliant idea really the fast track to more sales? Improve the selling experience for you and your prospect. Engage this fast moving presentation to... Understand why testimonials are important to build your confidence in what you have to offer your prospects Learn how the discovery process is a key element in your sales Be grateful for a speedy "No" Know why the deal you walked away from can be the best deal possible Attract prospects who want to buy what you offer (Up to three hours) Other topics What would you like to create together for your organization? To schedule Ann for your next event, click here >>
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