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Columbia SC is having a moment. Judging by the buzz, we’re about to be the next destination everyone is talking about. 

"... that’s not the only thing SC’s capital has going for it. First off, Tim Tebow’s playing baseball with the Fireflies this season, a novelty we should all catch while we can, and the spanking-new Spirit Communications Park isn’t a bad place to watch." - Thrillist

"Add in a fashion week, a rosé festival, the multitudes of USC bars at college-friendly prices, and all that old Southern architecture and charm that people go ga-ga for in Charleston, and you’ve got a city on the rise." - Thrillist

"…suddenly, a misty cluster of glassy towers appeared in the distance. We were almost there, and the excitement was electric. Even after going on to experience Columbia as a college student and now as an adult, I still feel a little flutter when I approach our capital city. " - Palmetto Magazine

"No matter which avenue you choose to explore Columbia, it’s a given that you will find our capital is a beacon of South Carolina and a reflection of its people; enough of the past to remain nostalgic and authentic, paired with a diverse mix of opportunities to fully immerse yourself in our state’s history, culinary culture, and outdoor adventures." - Palmetto Magazine

"South Carolina’s center of education, business, and legislature has a playful side and an obvious love of its canine companions." - Roots Rated

"A wave of chefs returning to their hometown after successful careers afield are joining Columbia’s broadening legion of homegrown culinary talent. The result? A quiet bubbling-over brilliance in the kitchens and bars of this capital city college town." - The Local Palate

"Love is in the air this weekend in South Carolina’s Congaree National Park, the 26,000-plus acres of old-growth bottomland forest outside of Columbia. Specifically, firefly (aka lightning bug) love. In one of the rarest springtime displays on earth, the local population of fireflies will begin blinking in rhythmic, repeated unison, known as a firefly synchrony event." - Garden & Gun

"As we muscle back to the trailhead at a rhythmic clip, leafy canopies arcing over our heads, I think about how the public so reviles swamps and wetlands, especially now. I get that they’re mosquito-ridden and brimming with unpopular creatures. But they’re also hauntingly beautiful places that protect us and, in the case of Congaree, serve as a reminder of just how great America’s forests used to be." - Washington Post

"Stritt likes Columbia for its mix of cultural and outdoor activities. The Columbia CulturePASS offers discount admission to the Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina State Museum and Historic Columbia. At Congaree National Park, an elevated boardwalk loop trail offers a smooth path for seniors to enjoy the great outdoors." - US News