Distilleries & Wineries

As with local craft beer breweries, Midlands entrepreneurs alike have embraced the ability to create businesses where they can share their love of spirits and wine, as well as an old Southern tradition. Midlands residents have embraced the entrepreneurs’ creations into their daily lives, pouring out of town friends two fingers of drink that hails from just down the road. 

Let’s talk wine first. Few people know that blocks right in the center of downtown used to house a fairly prolific vineyard that grew the Herbemont grape. These days, wineries in the area are a bit less localized to downtown, but do still exist! 

Mercer House Wineries, out in the open country of Lexington/Gilbert focuses on wines made from the wild muscadine grape grown in their fields, as well as other experimental wines like strawberry and jalapeno wines. 


There are more distilleries than wineries, with each specializing in different liquors. Hollow Creek Distillery in Leesville keeps grandpa’s moonshine tradition alive in an idyllic setting beside a pond on their family property. Crouch Distilling of Columbia focuses on whisky, with their Young Carolina Bourbon being a favorite offering — you can sit by the open bay door of their warehouse and sip a cocktail while looking at the stills that they use as the basis of their entire operation. Copper Horse Distilling, located right on Huger Street in downtown Columbia uses corn milled from nearly within the tall shadow of Adluh Milling Company as the base of their spirits production, which has already gained a reputation around town for its funky-cool experimental vodka, gins, and liqueurs. 

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