Real Local: Morihiko Nakahara

Morihiko has an appreciation for the arts, whether it's a performance by the SC Philharmonic or a unique dish from a local restaurant.

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Hi, I'm Morihiko and I've served as Music Director of the South Carolina Philharmonic since 2008. Columbia is a vibrant city filled with creative energy and adventurous spirit. From world-class entertainment to great outdoor activities, you'll fall in love with our city, and our people.

Listen UP: If you think orchestral music isn't for you, think again. The South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra has plenty of range. 


Insider Tip: "The annual "Beethoven and Blue Jeans" concert is a perfect introduction to someone who has never attended a live orchestra show. From BBQ to wine tasting, several of our Masterworks concerts also have enticing and fun pre-concert activities."

GET JAZZY: If it’s jazz music you’re interested in, Columbia has a vibrant scene. You’re likely to catch a live show at Lula Drake on Main Street, paired well with one of their wines. 

Out LATE: Whether you’re in the audience or on stage, sometimes you need a treat after a great show. Columbia’s night life is here to help. Art Bar’s kitchen stays open until midnight and the funky décor will keep the vibes going all night.

CHEERS:  Bourbon is another great spot to stop either before or after a show, though you’ll likely catch some musicians there later in the evening. Their Cajun inspired menu and extensive bourbon collection is the key to any good night out.

International EATS: As the most international city in South Carolina, you can expect the international cuisine to impress. Inakaya serves up Japanese eats that impress folks from all over. 


Insider Tip: "Grab a seat at the sushi bar if you can. Once there the friendly and creative sushi chefs led by Maru-San will guide you, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned sushi connoisseur. It's also a great spot to meet fellow diners and perhaps they might suggest some of their favorite dishes also. Aside from sushi, I highly recommend "hamachi kama" (grilled yellowtail collar/cheek) -- might sound scary but it is so flavorful."