Real Local

To really know a city, you need to see it through the eyes of its locals. That's why we've teamed up with some of our favorite locals to give you their insider perspectives on what to do in South Carolina's capital city.

Meet Ashley Jenkins

With her unique and stylish flair, Ashley keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s new in our classic city.

Meet CJ Lake

A Gamecock through + through, CJ takes on the capital city from UofSC and beyond.

Meet Merrell Johnson

In the heart of SC, you can be sure Merrell will make you feel right at home as he champions local businesses.

Meet Lee Snelgrove

Lee is an arts + crafts man, and by crafts we mean beer. Follow Columbia SC's arts advocate + beer enthusiast.

Meet Kim Jamieson

Kim can be found at all the best culinary spots. Read how she enjoys hitting the Columbia SC food + cocktail scene.

Meet Mark Rapp

Mark has an unrivaled passion for music and Columbia SC. Follow along for a trip filled with live music and creative energy.

Meet Rita Patel

Rita runs a business and a family in the heart of downtown. Don't miss her tips on family fun in an urban setting.

Meet Milo Anderson

Milo takes everyday life and makes it impactful for wildlife. Enjoy his eco-friendly weekend in Columbia.

Meet Lynn Luc

Lynn is behind the @GoCola Instagram and is used to being an expert on new things to do. Read all about her ultimate weekend.

Meet Anthony Goldman

Anthony gives you an insider's list for the outdoor adventurer, from parks to al fresco dining to brewery hopping.

Meet Vanessa Bialobreski

Vanessa knows Columbia's food scene in and out. Read on for her can't-miss list of eateries and attractions.

Meet Shanika Pichey

Shanika and her two kids take over Columbia with classic and out-of-the-box ideas for a family trip.

Trip Ideas

Dive in to these itineraries full of our locals' favorite spots throughout the Columbia region.

Experience Columbia SC

Ready to learn more? Dive in to all that Columbia offers with our neighborhoods guide, calendar of events, or list of restaurants.