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Whether it's spread on toast or eaten straight from the jar, Nutella is beloved by, well, everyone. And while we are not above the jar + spoon method of intake, the chocolate hazelnut spread is the star of a few decadent dishes in Columbia SC that you just can't miss. Did we miss your favorite? Comment and let us know! 

Nutella French Toast - Drip 

While technically a breakfast item, the Nutella French Toast from Drip can be enjoyed at any time of the day. We recommend adding bananas and, if you're feeling really crazy, marshmallow fluff because.... obviously.  


But first, brunch ♡

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Nutella Espresso Crepe - Lula Drake

Everything Lula Drake puts on their menu, from gourmet pasta down to each organic small-batch wine, is pure perfection. The Nutella Espresso Crepe is no exception. Paired with Crème fraîche, blueberries and toasted cashews, this decadent dessert will surprise and delight start to finish.

Triple Threat - Crepes & Croissants

A Nutella crepe is the ultimate sweet treat. Elevate it a bit with added strawberries and banana slices for a Parisian moment in downtown Columbia SC. 


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Nutella Bundt Cake - Ally & Eloise

Bundt Cake like Mom used to make, with added swirls of Nutella. We'll take 8 slices, please. 


My breakfast looks like this. Yours can too! #nutellaforbreakfast #nutellalbcake #cake #nutella #breakfastofchampions

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Acai Bowl - The Corner Blend

Who doesn't love an Acai bowl, full of fresh fruit and crunchy toppings? Build your own at The Corner Blend and add a drizzle of Nutella or order the Sweet Berry Bliss for the ultimate bowl already designed for you. 


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Strawbwaffle - Belgian Waffle Truck

Strawberries + Nutella is a dreamy combo on its own, but put them on top of a sweet and crunchy waffle from the Belgian Waffle Truck for a delicious, Instagrammable treat.


Nutella Latte - The Local Buzz

At The Local Buzz, you can get all the deliciousness of a latte with the added kiss of Nutella. We're so in. 


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If you're celebrating #WorldNutellaDay, we hear that Silver Spoon Bakeshop and Il Giorgione will both be featuring specials featuring Nutella! 



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