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In Columbia SC, there are more things to do than there are hours to do them. With a never-ending roster of live music events, festivals, and sporting events, you can discover something new for every season, and every day of the year.

If you're someone who likes to maximize on your time off and fill your schedule, check out the events this weekend. Friday afternoon through Sunday evening, events all around town will pack your planner and allow you to explore Columbia SC. 

For those wanting to have a full itinerary to share in advance, don't worry, we've got you covered. Our blog features insider content showcasing every event for the upcoming month, with a wide variety of activities. Our monthly roundup shows that no matter the time of year, our social calendar is packed. 

Spending a holiday with us? Welcome, we're happy to celebrate with you! See how you can cherish your favorite days with us by taking a look at our annual events. Christmas, to St. Patrick's Day, to the Fourth of July, join in on our festive spirit. 

Judging by the buzz, the list isn't going to shorten up anytime soon. Dig into our calendar of events to help plan your trip and get ready to fall in love with the Heart of SC. 

Hosting an event in Columbia SC? By all means, submit the details here.

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