Burgers in Columbia SC

Here in the heart of SC, you'll find that our culinary experts know how to whip up one-of-a-kind burgers that reflect the city they call home. In the kitchen and throughout Columbia SC, tradition meets creativity in a way that keeps you coming back for more. 

Don’t believe us? Look no further than the pimento cheeseburger (because everything is better with pimento cheese), the South’s take on the traditional cheeseburger, created right here in Columbia in the 1960s. You can find it on the menu in just about every hamburger restaurant in town, including Rockaway Athletic Club in Rosewood and Henry’s Restaurant and Bar at their Cayce and Devine Street locations. 

If you’re looking for something that pushes the boundaries a little further, try Pawley’s more creative burgers that use ingredients like grape jelly (trust us, it’s delicious) and time-honored southern favorites, like fried green tomatoes. Fun Fact: All of their mouth-watering offerings are named after places here in the Palmetto State. 


Looking for something with a little kick? We suggest you head over to The Whig at the corner of Main Street and Gervais Street. It’s located under the ABC News building—and we really mean under it. Head down the stairs below the street level to the self-described dive bar and choose between their spicy pimento cheeseburger or the Whig burger topped with sriracha aioli. 

Sometimes you just want something quick so you can get back out on the town. You can choose from national chains, or you can choose a local favorite like Rush’s or Zesto of West Columbia — these delicious and efficient burger joints have been keeping natives and visitors alike full and happy for over half a century. 

No matter where you go, you’ll be sure to find your traditional favorites right next to a unique option with a Columbia twist—and you can’t go wrong with either. Discover your new all time favorite burger with our list of must-visit burger joints, and get ready to dig in. But don’t forget to save room for the sweet potato fries! 

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