Winter Holidays

Cozy up with some cookies, a fire, and a glass of eggnog - it's officially the holiday season. The streets of The Vista, Five Points, Devine Street, and the Main Street District will soon be dawned with twinkly lights and wreaths. It's a time when the capital city becomes even more magical than its usual charm. Beyond the beauty, it's hard to be bored during the holidays. 

Columbia has become nothing short of a light show thanks to rockstar events like Wild Lights at Riverbanks Zoo and Holiday Lights on the River. If looking at dazzling lights with your family or BFF isn't your thing, there are more than enough ways to get your holiday fix in Columbia, SC. Check our guide to local gifts or head to holiday festivals that combine live music, shopping, and family cheer - A Starry Night and Vista Lights to name a few. Get your calendar out and get familiar with the list below. You can bet you'll find something that suits your holiday spirit.