Visit the Cities of the SEC Pass

Experience Columbia SC has joined forced with other SEC destinations to give fans the best gameday weekend experiences. There’s so much more to see of these cities beyond your tailgate spot, so sign up (for free!), get the pass, and reminisce on those college good ole days. Traveling for an away game? Use the pass as an itinerary to enjoy the sights and bites of the Cities of the SEC. 

How does it work?

Click on passport below to sign up for the (did we already say free?) pass, there’s no downloading required, the pass is automatically delivered to your phone via text or email. Check in at the suggested spots around town, for each place you check in at you’ll receive points. Points = swag and merch prizes. If you earn enough points, you’ll be entered to win a return getaway to the SEC town of your choice. What other convincing do you need?