Fine Dining Restaurants

One of the many wonderful things about Columbia is the juxtaposition between the great outdoors and great culture. Where else can you hike in a national park during the day and experience world-class fine dining at night?

Our region’s temperate climate means we have access to farm-fresh ingredients all year, and, boy, do our city’s chefs know how to use them. Take Motor Supply Company Bistro in the Vista, whose menu changes daily based on the ingredients available. 

You can also visit Terra in West Columbia and you’ll see the care that the chef puts into sourcing local ingredients and citing where they come from on the menu. 


If you want something a little more traditional, we suggest you head over to Five Points and book a private room at Saluda’s. You’ll have the chance to dine on some truly inspired entrees while enjoying a one-of-a-kind view of the center of the district. 

When it comes to traditional, a steakhouse always comes to mind. 

Don’t forget to explore past the city center. We recommend Solstice in the Northeast part of the city. Known for their atmosphere, seasonal menu, and great wine list, they never disappoint. 

So, when you’re visiting Columbia don’t forget to pack your jacket and tie, because when it comes to fine dining, this southern town is all grown up. 

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