Columbia’s award-winning children’s museum is home to a very special ambassador: Eddie is the world’s largest 10-year old and can be traversed inside and out in the sun filled atrium of this multi-story exploratorium (his heart alone weighs 500+ pounds and can hold a family of four).

Climb up Eddie’s vertebrae and slide down his digestive tract exploring all 40-feet and 35,000 pounds of this prototypical South Carolina child with the smile that’s three feet wide. And, be prepared for his physiologically accurate and delightfully realistic sound “effects.”

Nine other curated worlds await to incite contagious curiosity including a bank of ridiculously stocked workshops for crafting, tinkering, building and creating with every media imaginable: paper to circuit boards, clay to wood, paint to wire. Part of EdVenture’s enchantment is its excess of material tools, all available to explore and aptly positioned by age and ability.

Little ones can experience farm-to-table dining traversing Busy Bee Farm, The Neighborhood Market and Little Spot Diner. School age kids can jump right in at the Cooking Lab to help prepare a hands-on meal (like Turkey Feta Burgers or Tuscan Grilled Cheese) under the guidance of not one, but two fulltime culinary-trained chefs.

Ready to get mechanical? A 757 has crashed through EdVenture teetering over the Gervais Street Bridge. This 1,700 square foot riverside gallery offers imaginative play and aeronautical crafts alongside three fully engaged Boeing simulators. For the vehicle obsessed, don’t miss a stop at Auto Works and Dalmatian Station too.

Outside there’s butterflies to encounter and water to navigate all on a “park once” campus that includes the South Carolina State Museum and the Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park.

EdVenture is a full throttle, hands-on art and science experiment… oh we mean experience. Is it learning or simply delight? If you answered yes, then you are our people. Welcome to one great day with your family.