Columbia Museum of Art

Nestled in the Main Street district, the Columbia Museum of Art brings vibrant energy and inspiration to the capital city through its internationally renowned collection and exhibitions. This 21st-century museum believes that art is meant to be experienced, not just gazed upon, and more than 150,000 art lovers make their way to the CMA each year to experience the highly awarded museum for themselves.

Every few months, the CMA hosts a new, one-of-a-kind traveling show or exhibition, but it’s the museum’s permanent collection that’s truly a sight to behold. One of the largest in the Southeast, this international collection houses an incredibly diverse number of pieces spanning across many eras.

You’ll find Italian Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces, works of prominent furniture and silver makers, and modern and contemporary art within the collection. Not to mention, the collection features Sandro Botticelli’s Nativity, Dale Chihuly’s Chandelier, and Claude Monet’s The Seine at Giverny (no big deal).

As you browse, you'll notice that CMA has organized the famous works of art by theme. This way, visitors can experience different pieces from various eras all together to see how artistic ideas evolve throughout time.

For a more hands-on experience, visitors can tap into their inner Van Gogh at The Cross Hatch. This interactive exhibit allows you to get creative and try new techniques through hands-on projects and collaborative activities.  

If The Cross Hatch ignites a newfound passion for art or rekindles an old one, try your hand at a class taught by the CMA. The nationally recognized educational programs offer a variety of artistic mediums for artists of all ages and skill levels to master. From printmaking to glasswork, the CMA has your next passion project lined up for you.

With weekly, monthly, and annual programs - from signature events like Arts & Draughts and Art Blossoms, to public tours, lectures, and parties - there is always something to experience at the CMA.