Sports Bars

Here in Columbia SC, buzzer-beaters and cheering fans are the norm. As the mix of a capital city and a college town, you can count on the locals to extend a warm welcome to fellow sports fans. Strike up a conversation and you're likely to end up with a list of popular dinner spots or an invitation to enjoy a brew after the big game. There are plenty of sports bars to choose from in The Vista like Thirsty Fellow, Hickory Tavern, and Liberty Tap Room & Grill - just to name a few. Or, head to another district, like Five Points or Devine St., where you'll likely find a mix of college students and university alumni perched at spots like Jake's, Burger Tavern 77 and Henry's Grill & Bar. With plenty of screens and ample bar food, our local breweries are never a bad spot to celebrate your team. 


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