Partner Promise

Partnering with your destination marketing organization

Provide the CVB with up to date management and hotel information, logo, and URL 

Advise all staff of mission and importance of our organization and partnership

Respect the tourism industry and treat all visitors, suppliers and employees with dignity and fairness and provide value and high standards in products and services

Truth in all business dealings with the CVB and other businesses within the destination

Nourish the tourism industry by creating a nice, clean and safe environment for visitors

Ethical treatment of people and selling practices while staying in compliance of all government regulations related to the Partner’s industry

Respond fairly and quickly to all inquiries and make every effort to resolve customer issues

Partnership rules assure that Partnership with Experience Columbia SC is protected and enhanced so that all partners may regard their partnership with pride.  If Experience Columbia SC determines that the level of customer service or safety is not acceptable, the product is not of value to the tourism industry or participation would not be in the best interest of the goals set forth for Experience Columbia SC, partnership may be repudiated.  It is the policy of Experience Columbia SC to investigate any complaints or activities by a partner that may be deemed as detrimental to our good will, reputation and/or goals and purposes.