Get Started

Want to see Columbia's many entertainment districts without worrying about parking? Explore our city on two wheels with the Blue Bike SC bike share program. Blue Bike SC is a public, self-serve bicycle rental system for short trips. Follow these instructions and shift into overdrive.


Blue Bike SC Login       Blue Bike SC Map

Register for a membership at or download the Blue Bike SC mobile app. Memberships may also be purchased at kiosks with a card reader. To find these kiosks, view the system map and look for the credit card icon.

Whether you are an occasional ride or plan on using Blue Bike SC regularly, there is a membership that will suit your needs. View all available memberships via the mobile app or online at


    Blue Bike SC Unlock

You can unlock a bike by tapping your Blue Bike card or key fob on the screen located between the handlebar   

Blue Bike SC Unlock App       Blue Bike SC Unlock Bike

To unlock a bike via the mobile app, tap "Unlock Bike" and enter the 5-digit number located underneath the bike's handlebars. This number can also be found behind the bike's saddle.


You are now free to enjoy your ride! Be sure to check the timer on the bike. Keep your ride within the allotted time or return your bike to a station to avoid extra time fees. Rides longer than the allotted time incur extra time fees of $2 per 30 additional minutes.

                                                           Blue Bike SC Ride

Want to make a quick stop? You can use the secondary lock for an errand or ask a local for recommendations. When you’re ready, take the lock from the inside basket & loop the cable around a bike rack. Slide the pin into the marked slot on the right side of the front wheel. Listen for a chirp to indicate locking. Your bike will still be rented under your name and the timer continues to run until you return it to a docking station.

To unlock a bike locked with the secondary lock, use your key fob, membership card, or mobile app to unlock the bike. Once the chime sounds, firmly lift the pin and use a counterclockwise motion until the lock releases.


Ready to stop riding?

Choose any station and dock your Blue Bike. When you see the “docked bike” indication appear on the bike screen or hear the return sound, you have properly returned your bike.

Trying to return a bike and all the docks are full at a station? No sweat! Go to the kiosk to request free additional time or call 877-460-2435 to use the secondary lock at the station.



Bike-Friendly Routes

If you travel with your own bicycle, we're impressed, and we have the app for you. Sprocket, created by the Cola Town Bike Collective, provides curated bicycle routes through the Midlands based on a rider’s comfort level as a bicycle user. Simply open the app on your phone to quickly get a map and navigate through the city. Find out more here.


Now that you've got all that exercise in, we suggest following it up with a bite to eat or a drink to sip. Check out Columbia's burgeoning restaurant scene for tips on where to refuel.