Locals call it the “capital of Lake Murray," Chapin is an ever-growing town with more shops and restaurants than places to put them. Approximately 24 miles northwest of downtown Columbia, Chapin is a private hideout to enjoy no matter the season. Enjoy the lake scenery when it’s warm or cozy up under the decorations in the winter when they turn into a Christmas town. Drive along the populated Chapin Rd. or veer off the beaten path (literally) and you have the potential to find your new favorite spot. 

The Coffee Shelf: A combination of coffee and books aka every book lovers dream. What started as an idea to have a central meeting place is Chapin is now one of the most popular coffee spots in town – that also sells classics and popular books! The menu is named after well-known literary characters so now your favorite character can be your favorite drink. Sip on an iced Phantom of the Opera, a black and white mocha, or C.S. Lewis’s beloved Ponyboy, a classic caramel latte. Not sure what to order when it’s your turn at the counter? Brush up your coffee knowledge online with their “coffee professor” to learn the ins and outs of coffee 101. 

Tipsy Toad Tavern: Located directly in the heart of downtown Chapin is this popular pub style bar and grill. The tavern has 20 years of experience in fun and food. Known for their Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake and large assortment of beverages, they pride themselves on being a go-to restaurant for locals, and soon to be you. Live music, outdoor courtyard, and a place to watch any game that your heart desires, we’ll just plan to see you at The Toad. 

Farm Boys Barbecue: It really doesn’t get more southern than barbecue, and it really doesn’t get more Chapin than Farm Boys. All you can eat buffet style barbecue with mustard-based barbecue sauce (of course), this is South Carolina after all. Fill your plate with pulled pork, fried chicken, ribs, and all the sides that your heart desires. Open Thursday-Saturday, if not, you might be here every day.  

Chophouse of Chapin: Treat yourself, treat someone special, or just plan to go out for a really good meal. With an array of steaks, seafood, and land items cooked to perfection, this spot will be a luxurious end to your evening. If you’re only after something sweet be sure to visit the dessert bar, filled with house made desserts paired with your drinks to perfection. Be on the lookout, they host beer and wine themed dinners occasionally where you get beverages paired with your menu by master brewers and sommeliers. 
The Nifty Gifty: Even lake towns have to have rainy days. When that happens it’s time to head indoors and shop. Located in downtown Chapin, this boutique offers a wide variety of items from upscale jewelry to home accessories to Yeti coolers. Shop till you drop and get some goodies to take home or take out on the lake again.