Whether cooked medium or well-done, meat-and-cheese only or stacked a mile high with toppings, paired with French fries or crispy onion rings… it’s near-impossible to resist a delicious burger. And, as the birthplace of the pimento cheeseburger, we know a thing or two about juicy handhelds in Columbia SC. From classic + simple to gourmet spinoffs, there’s a burger for everyone in this dynamite city. Which will you try first?


Up for a life-changing experience? Head to Bourbon on Main Street and sit at the bar. Order up the lamb burger + crispy Brussels. Sip on a Hurricane while you wait + watch Kat work magic crafting cocktails. Then, cry. It’s okay, really… we do every time.

Spotted Salamander

On any given Thursday, follow the locals to Spotted Salamander for Burger Day. Topped with ooey-gooey melted cheese, house-made pickles, a thick slice of tomato and, get this, BACON JAM, it’s sure to leave you counting down the days until this weekly holiday comes back around.

Mack’s Cash Grocery

The burgers at Mack’s are just what you’d expect to order at a drive-in or a 50’s diner. Cooked fresh with no frills (although, we do recommend adding pimento cheese or chili if you feel like treating yourself), it’s nostalgic + delicious… further elevated only if paired with hot onion rings.

The Kingsman

The Kingsman is known primarily for its ribeye burgers—10 oz. patties of fresh ribeye, ground + formed daily. Order “The Palmetto”, topped with pimento cheese, bacon and fried jalapeños if you’re into eats with a little kick. If you’re brave, try the big cheese: a ribeye burger between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches.


Head to Henry’s for the big game + make sure to bring an even bigger appetite—you’ll need it with this impressive lineup of craft burgers. We recommend the “Big Breakfast Burger” with grilled ham, bacon + a fried egg or the “Greek Burger” (Feta + greek dressing, included!). And don’t forget the sweet potato fries!

Burger Tavern 77

This aptly named burger joint boasts a build-your-own-burger menu, with 77 different selections + more than 200,000 combinations. With drool-worthy toppings from fried jalapeños to honey ham, every bite is sure to be unique.

Pawleys Front Porch

Featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Pawleys Front Porch made a name for itself in Columbia SC thanks to a roster of half-pound burgers all named after South Carolina cities. Try the Fripp Island Burger because fried green tomatoes are involved.


This local fast food restaurant has been grillin’ + servin’ hamburgers in Columbia SC for more than 50 years. The burgers are famously delicious, and no one can seem to figure out the secret—but we aren’t complaining. Make sure to top off your meal with hot fudge cake.


Established in 1949, Zesto has a long line of loyal customers who keep coming back for classic Zestoburgers + soft-serve (with extra sprinkles). Look for the little blue shop under the "giant cone in the sky" —you can’t miss it.

Grill Marks

Known for its mile-long list of “sophisticated” hamburgers, Grill Marks is a go-to for burger lovers. Topped with a slew of unique additions—from melted brie to bone marrow—these handhelds are sophisticated, indeed. Make sure to order some white truffle parmesan fries because, duh.


Boasting a menu of all-local ingredients, the “Hand Spanked Beef” burger menu at Polliwogs is sure to make you forego the salad. For all the decadence, try the “Mac N Cheese Stuffed burger” (Yep, we are serious) or the “Boss Hawg”—covered with barbecue pulled pork & coleslaw.

Tombo Grille

How To Get Through Mondays 101: head to Tombo Grille + take full advantage of the Monday night burger-and-a-beer special for only $10. And there’s live music! You don’t have to thank us if you’ll let us tag along.  

The Root Cellar

From the classics to a walk on the wild side, the Root Cellar has something for everyone in the burger department. We recommend the self-titled “Root Cellar” burger—finished with goat cheese + a fried green tomato. Yum.

Old Mill Brewpub

If it involves Mac N’ Cheese, you can count us in. Case in point: the “Mac Attack” at Old Mill Brewpub—topped with pepper jack mac, bacon and slam sauce. If you’re feeling a bit fearless, try the “Brimstone Burger”, topped with ghost pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, spicy fried cheddar bites and spicy chipotle mayo.

Higher Ground Char House

Higher Ground Char House has quickly become a local favorite thanks to its charbroiled + carefully crafted artisan burgers. With 17 burger varieties to choose from, all with names that’ll make you giggle (i.e. “Ooey Gooey Mooey”), we know you’ll become a big fan like we are.

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

Fresh on the block, and a fresh fan favorite, be sure to check out Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint and choose from a selection of 100 beers and award-winning burgers. We suggest the “Greg Brady” burger, layered with house made Mac N’ Cheese, American cheese, and barbecue  chips. It’s a combination we didn’t know we needed.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Bring your appetite to Bad Daddy's Burger Bar with a variety of tasty burger options. Feel like a challenge? Try the “Bacon cheeseburger on steroids”, stacked high with cheese, jalapeño bacon, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles. Don’t forget to add a side of tots. Trust us on this one.