Get your chopsticks and soy sauce at the ready, because we have the rundown on some of the places around town where you can get your sushi fix.  


We’re a sucker for the unexpected and Camon is certainly that. Tucked away into an unassuming location on the outskirts of Main Street, you won’t want to pass by this one. Pop in for a signature Camon 1, 2, or 3 roll, then supplement that with an Ocean or Lifesaver roll until you couldn’t possibly eat another bite.


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Hand-rolled happiness awaits at Inakaya. Whether you prefer sushi or sashimi, Inakaya offers both in authentic abundance, plus plenty of combination offerings so you can dabble in both. From squid and giant clams to jellyfish and sea urchin, you’ll find it all here and then some. 


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Inakaya Watanabe

NOT to be confused with Inakaya, Inakaya Watanabe is very much its own establishment. Go for the St. Andrews or Gamecock rolls to keep it local, or get adventurous with options like the Takoyaki Maki (tempura-fried spicy octopus) or the Diablo, featuring jalapeno tobiko. Plus, any place where you can get your sushi brought to you on a boat is okay in our book. 


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With two Columbia locations - one in the Vista and one in Harbison, you can have your pick. Crowd favorites include The Duffy, the G.M.C. and the Dynamite rolls, and don’t even think about leaving without an order of the crab wontons. 


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SakiTumi in the Vista dares to be different. From the surprising and Southern Shrimp & Grits Roll to a Raptor Roll topped with flame seared beef tenderloin to the Saki Yagi Roll complete with crumbled goat cheese, this is certainly sushi like you’ve never had it before. Pro tip - come in on a Wednesday when you can get half off select sushi rolls and martinis. 


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Previously housed in Forest Acres, Sakura now resides on Rosewood. And while its location may have changed, the quality most certainly has not. Grab your golf pencil and start checking off your top nigiri and maki selections. Load up on yellowtail, eel, South Carolina Rolls, Moon Flower Rolls and so much more. 


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Sushi Yoshi

This long-standing spot in Five Points dedicates itself to freshness. Sample a little bit of everything with a Sushi & Sashimi Combination or opt for specialties like the Rock n’ Roll that’s wrapped in squid or the Fuji that’s packed with all your seafood favorites. Friends fans will be delighted to find an Unagi Roll on the menu, too. 


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Wasabi Sushi

If you’ve never tried fruit with your sushi rolls, you’re in for a treat at Wasabi Sushi. Try the Paradise Roll that’s topped with a towering medley of tuna, cilantro, onion, jalapeno and mango, or the Victoria’s Secret Roll that’s topped with a sweet assortment of strawberry, avocado and honey. And speaking of unconventional options, did we mention you can build your own sushi burrito here, as well? 


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Saky Japanese Restaurant

The presentation is on point over at Saky on Fort Jackson Boulevard. Each roll is a delicious work of art. Pay a nod to our capital city and order the Columbia Roll, turn up the heat with the Wasabi Roll, have some fun with the Godzilla Roll or treat every day like a special occasion and treat yourself with their “one & only” Birthday Roll. 


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When you’ve got maki on the mind, don’t sleep on Suishaya off Killian Road. The options are extensive, including everything from lighter fare like an Idaho Maki made with sweet potato to heftier rolls like the Golden Dragon complete with softshell crab, spicy tuna and avocado topped with salmon and the chef’s special sauce.