Marbella's - Fine Hats and Accessories

  • Address: 7546 Garners Ferry Road, Suite 300C, Columbia, SC 29209
  • Phone: (803) 361-6008
  • Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm

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Ladies, dress like the queen you are and wear your crown! Marbella's offers an array of beautiful designer hats for every season and every price range. Additionally, we offer a full line of accessories including jewelry, broaches, purses, and scarves. In fact, our hats and accessories are perfect for any special occasion: * Church * Holidays * Birthdays * Baptisms * Sororities * Weddings * Tea Parties * First Ladies * Horse Races * Women's Day * Red Hat Society * Missionary Boards * Deaconess Boards *If our storefront hours don't fit your schedule, please call us to arrange for an appointment outside of business hours.*
  • Price Range Maximum: $ - Less than $100
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