Original Blue Ribbon Cab Company

  • Address: 6400 N Main Street, Columbia, SC 29203
  • Phone: (803) 754-8163

Founded in 1928, the Original Blue Ribbon Taxi Corporation is over 80 years old and is the oldest and largest taxi company in the state of South Carolina. The company has over 125 drivers and independent contractors. Located at 6400 Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina, the Original Blue Ribbon Taxi Corporation is a fixture in the city. We pride ourselves on providing "Transportation Services You Can Trust." 

Cab Service 803-754-8163
Business Office Problems or Complaints Barbara or Steve (Contact) 803-786-9427
Meeting/Banquet Hall Cynthia Dickerson (Contact) 803-786-7197
  • Price Range Maximum: $$ - $101-150
Facility Info