Richland County Rowing Center

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About 3 miles of river without any sandbars, rapids or bigger rocks. Features include: two-2,000 meters straight away water distances with meter signs every 500 meters, Low Head Dam 900 meters downstream from the dock (water height gauge at dock), less than 6 inch/sec current most of the time, high trees to protect the river from the wind, calm water with sufficient depth over the entire width of river from east bank to west bank, warm air temperatures most of the year with many sunny 70 degree days in March, and a 13' wide x 120' long dock with one 5' wide ramp.

Not to mention the ease of access: close to the Broad River Rd. exit off I-20, close to many hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters, plus entertainment districts like Harbison Blvd., The Vista, Main Street, and Five Points. If you're looking for less entertainment and more peace, there is natural habitat and absolute quiet all around Columbia, especially just 4000 meters upstream from the dock.

  • Price Range Maximum: $ - Less than $100
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