Sunrise Artisan Bath & Body

  • Address: 710 Saluda Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205
  • Phone: (803) 828-4755

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Sunrise Artisan is more than a bath! It's an experience! Sunrise Artisan was created with the intention of making wonderful natural body products that also make you smell great and feel great without breaking your bank account. Its not just important what you are putting in your body but also what you are putting on your body. So through many trials and errors (did I mention a lot of trials and errors? It still brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it) we came up with some of the most wonderful recipes for our soaps, bath bombs, body butters and more to ensure that your experience with Sunrise is one of joy and relaxation and just darn amazing. We wanted to make sure that our products were not just wonderful to look at but just as wonderful on your skin. All of our products will remain handmade. Why? Because we value the human experience. We also never use animal products. Why? Because we value animals too plus they don't belong in your soap, they belong on the farm! All jokes aside, it is our greatest desire that you enjoy Sunrise Artisan as much as we enjoy making your bath experience a memory! Now get in that tub!
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