The Great Five Points Leprechaun Hunt

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Logan the leprechaun is very important to Five Points. Each year, Logan serves as the official mascot of the St. Pat's in Five Points festival and can be seen on billboards, posters, T.V. and walking around Five Points during the festival. The St. Pat's in Five Points festival is very important to Five Points, but not just in the month of March as some might think. Proceeds from the festival are used to keep Five Points viable, beautiful and promoted throughout the entire year. The festival also donates at least $30,000 each year to local charities, so it is important year-round for those non-profits as well. Because St. Pat's is so special to Five Points, The Five Points Association, through the Art for Public Spaces Grant from the Columbia Development Corporation, has created bronze "Logans" and installed them in Five Points for people to enjoy for many years to come. Logan can be seen (if you hunt for him!) in very iconic and well-known Five Points landmarks. Sometimes a full Logan will be visible and in some places only his head is peaking out, or he has left a pair of shoes.

Take some time while you're in Five Points to walk around and visit with Logan. The Great Five Points Leprechaun Hunt has commenced!

Here are some clues to help you find him:

Leprechauns are thirsty, fans of the drink
But their habits are unusual, folks often think
They remove their shoes, curled toes on the stoop
And enter the pub for their Guinness and soup

For 30 years, a clean man has rested,
Through summer storms and festivals, his endurance has been tested
Alone for so long, he rejoices at last
A new friend has joined him, his loneliness now in the past.

Logan's feet have grown weary; he has travelled so far,
From bathtubs on roofs and stops at the bar
A new pair of footwear shall ease his pain
The old pair of slippers has been put out in the rain

With his name in lights, Logan is the star
As he peeks over the wall at this infamous bar
Over an archway that leads to a door that's been torn
He watches the nighttime turn into the morn

Logan's on stage, he's coming alive
He swings his guitar as the clock strikes 5
A fan of song, he secures the best seat on the brick
As he cheers and sings along to the band's first pick

Cool waters now splash Logan's tired face
He's finally found a perfect hiding place
Annual flowers will bloom over his sneaky smile
As visitors relax and sit for a while

Answers to the activity/coloring book

Clue #1 - Delaney's
Spot Logan - Logan is hiding all the way to the right, next to the little girl with the flashlight
Clue #2 - Good For the Sole (shoe store)
Logan's Maze Craze - outline should be the "man in the bathtub"
Clue #3 - Yesterday's
Connect the Dots - After connected, the picture will be the archway next to the famous marquee on Harden Street. There will also be a "red hot tomato"

Clue #5 - Five After Five stage, patio near Satrbuck's, next to the light pole on stage - all acceptable answers
Clue #6 - Five Points Fountain (or just fountain)

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