Black history flows through the streets of Columbia SC, touching our modern lives through art, politics, food and beyond. This February, we dive deeper into that heritage with Black History Month.

Engage and Learn

African American History Monument

On the east side of the South Carolina State House Grounds you'll find the African American History Monument, which tracks history from the slave trade through the Civil Rights Movement, including monumental legal battles, and on to modern Black leaders in a variety of industries. The monument is said to be the first of it's kind on state house grounds in the United States. 

Mann-Simons Site

The Mann-Simons Site was home to the same Black family for over 100 years and traces the changes of life in Columbia SC through the lens of this entrepreneurial family. While the house is currently closed due to Covid-19, the gardens are open to the public. This site is particularly interesting because, though only one home still stands, Historic Columbia has created "ghost structures" to provide an idea of the previous buildings that occupied the space, including a lunch counter and grocery store, among others. 

Columbia SC 63

Curious about the Civil Rights Movement in Columbia SC? Take the self guided Columbia SC 63 walking tour down Main Street. From sit-ins at the Kress Building to marches at the State House Grounds, you'll learn how the movement changed South Carolina's capital and beyond. 

Black Art

Beyond social and political change, the impact of Black art in Columbia SC is huge. Both contemporary and classic works shape the capital city's identity. Read through our Black art blog to learn more. 

There are so many ways to celebrate and honor Black history across Columbia SC. Let us know how you're engaging in the comments!