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In January 2012, the mayors of seven southern cities agreed to a joint initiative marking the 50th anniversary of 1963 – the height of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Throughout 2013, we will commemorate the courage and sacrifice of the countless ordinary citizens who risked everything to march toward freedom and force the nation to live up to its democratic ideals. Participating cities will present a wide range of cultural programs
and historical retrospectives to recognize the individuals and iconic
moments that moved our nation "Fifty Years Forward."

By telling these stories in unison, we hope to assemble a more complete
record of the movement that changed America.

For Columbia, SC, this undertaking is especially important and extraordinarily valuable. In the decades leading up to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Black South Carolinians waged an intense campaign for self-determination and equality. But the stories of their
contributions have been lost or forgotten in the decades since.

Columbia SC 63 comprises a diverse coalition of community leaders, educators, students and others. Its mission is to gather, preserve and showcase images, artifacts, and testimony to ensure that the deeper, multifaceted story of the struggle for freedom
and justice in our city is told.

We’ve assembled an astonishing wealth of material already – including many rarely or never-before seen photographs. The discoveries continue daily, and we urge you to join in this monumental effort by contributing your own stories and photos to what we hope will be a living museum of the struggle for civil rights in South Carolina and the nation.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, along with the mayors of Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma, Alabama; Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; and Washington, DC invite you to explore the websites, take part in the events, visit the cities, and most importantly,
share your memories.

Please join us in rediscovering our past, uncovering new stories, and coming to a better understanding of this pivotal chapter in American history.

It’s important. OUR STORY MATTERS.

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