Fall—a time where pumpkins take over porches, and photos of plaid and corn fields take over your Instagram feed. So where are all these cute photos coming from? Pumpkin patches and corn mazes have long been intertwined. Now is your time to check out Clinton Sease Farm, your one-stop-shop to get your fall fix and seasonal photos in.

What is Clinton Sease Farm?

Family values run strong here, owned by the Sease family since 1940 this fall destination has been operating as a fall attraction since 2004. Located in Lexington, this multi-use farm opens every weekend in the fall, beginning Sept. 16 – Nov. 6, to offer family and fall fun.

What is there to do?

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, once you’re here you’ll get your full fall fix. Try your hand in the corn maze, this year themed, “Farm Defenders.” Take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the vibes or turn it into a competition, fastest time wins. Don’t have your porch pumpkins lined up yet? This farm is equipped with a pumpkin patch, open during corn maze hours. Grab a couple extra for Jack-o-lanterns, of course. If a pumpkin is all you’re looking for, peruse the patch in the crisp air for just $1. Photo in the giant chair or it didn’t happen. Beyond the corn maze and pumpkins, the farm offers hayrides, campfires, and playgrounds for the kiddos.

Deceased Farms

If you’re someone who doesn’t consider it fall, but instead spooky season, and if you’re in the market for some frights, Clinton Sease Farms has you covered here too. Experience the living dead at Deceased Farms Haunted Attraction. This frightening night is a self-guided tour that includes six buildings, all crawling with ghosts and demons just absolutely dying to see you. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, but haunting is not for you, equally entertaining are a zombie paintball shooting gallery, a “coffin fire pit” for s’mores, and cold beer at “deceased brews.” The undead will be cursing the farm Thursday – Sunday nights in October, with a special night on Halloween – if you dare.

Ticket sales start at 7:30 pm each night, but expect lines, especially closer to Halloween.