With the start of the new year comes the age-old tradition of setting new goals, aspirations, and resolutions for 2023. From enhancing their quality of life to taking on new adventures and focusing on health and wellness, here are some resolutions from our 2023 Columbia SC Ambassadors.

Morihiko Nakahara

“I don't usually make resolutions but here are some for this year: Spend quality time with family and friends; Be better about keeping/staying in touch with people; Live in the moment; Get back into the habit of regular reading; And finally, answer texts and emails in a more timely manner!”


If you are ramping up your reading game this year, pop into local bookstores like Ed’s Editions in West Columbia for a variety of gently used books and collectibles and keep an eye out for All Good Books opening in Five Points early this year. And don’t forget the Richland County Library with branches all over the region.

Mattison Heatherly

"Reflecting on this last year, 2022 was a tremendous year of growth for me as a person and for my business, City Social. In the year ahead, I hope to take the lessons learned and build on them while setting intentions for myself and career. Words that come to mind for 2023 are balanced, decisive, proactive, connected, and abundance.  I strive to be balanced in my health and my company, to make decisions more quickly as I tend to be an over thinker, be proactive and prepared for anything that comes my way, continue to build connections through this incredible community, and lastly I am manifesting growth and abundant happiness for my family, my business, anyone I meet along the way."


To help you relax and focus your thoughts in 2023, the perfect massage may be in order. Try Master’s Touch Massage Therapy to relax, rejuvenate and unwind.

Bianca Crawford Shelton

“I plan to rest more in 2023. Literally take time to do nothing, silence my phone and just be. I also plan to eat healthier and to move my body (exercise) every day for at least 30 minutes. Lastly, I plan to take time to journal and write down my thoughts every day.”


The Columbia region has lots of exercise options. Perhaps try something different like Fit Columbia where fitness activities range from traditional yoga to hip hop aerial yoga and bungee fitness.  


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John Sherrer

“My greatest New Year’s resolution is to get back to making the most of Columbia as an exercise-friendly city by resuming my daily running regimen from which I had to take a hiatus in the latter part of 2022 due to an injury. I can’t wait to enjoy running downtown and on the many trails that are easily accessible within minutes of the city’s center.”


Runners (and walkers), check out the 15 miles of accessible trails along Three Rivers Greenway where you can enjoy riverfront views, see historic ruins and experience nature while you exercise.