Columbia SC may be known for Southern classics like barbecue, pimento cheese and anything you can fit on a biscuit, but our pasta game is surprisingly strong. Cozy up with ten of our favorite platefuls, piled high here:

Spaghetti Carbonara - Il Giorgione

Carbonara is kind of the Cadillac of pastas. Smooth, creamy and sophisticated, with butter, egg and a hint of red onion, this pasta from Il Giorgione is both rich and regal. 


Lasagna - Villa Tronco

It’s fitting that the first restaurant in South Carolina, Villa Tronco, would have one of the most classic recipes for iconic Italian lasagna. Ground beef, Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses are layered with pasta and tomato sauce. Classic and comforting.



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Lula Drake - Housemade Pasta

Who doesn’t like surprises? At Lula Drake the menu changes daily, but you can’t go wrong with whatever they are serving. From goat cheese Gnudi to duck egg Carbonara, you can be sure that the flavors will be robust and inventive and the atmosphere top-notch.


Chicken Pasta - Blue Marlin

Do not overlook Blue Marlin for lunch. You will have an internal debate as to whether your should order one of their delectable and filling salads, oooor the Blue Marlin Chicken Pasta. Totally a personal decision, but the Chile-rubbed grilled chicken breast with Asiago cream sauce, smoked bacon and penne pasta topped with green onions and tomatoes is hearty and bright at the same time. And you will likely need a to-go box.


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Baked Spaghetti - Alodia’s Cucina Italiana

Regular spaghetti is amazing. Baked spaghetti takes it to a whole other level, securing a spot in the comfort food hall of fame. And at Alodia’s, with noodles imported from Abruzzo, Italy, meat sauce and Parmesan cheese baked to perfection, you will not be sorry.


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Ravioli - Pasta Fresca 

Stuffed with spinach, walnuts, cheese and topped with your choice of marinara, creamy marinara or Alfredo, this ravioli from Pasta Fresca lends an elegant twist to a classic dish. Pro tip: Thursday at Pasta Fresca is Ravioli Night, where you can try different variants of the classic Italian dish each week.  


pasta girl's night out!

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Pork Bolognese - Tazza Kitchen

Campanella pasta, beef, veal and pork, black pepper, grana padano cheese and fresh parsley star in this wintertime wonder. Whether it’s date night, girls’ night or a night to yourself at the bar, between Tazza Kitchen’s vibe and this pasta you will leave feeling. 


Blackened Cajun Pasta - Za’s On Devine

Choose blackened Cajun shrimp, fresh Atlantic salmon or chicken over Za's angel hair pasta, laced with garlic Parmesan cream sauce, parsley and tomatoes. Satisfying and filling.


It’s definitely a pasta + Pama mule kind of night. Happy Friday, Cola!

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Pesto Pasta Salad - The Gourmet Shop

It’s listed on The Gourmet Shop's menu as a side but no judgement if you put in an order (or two) of this chilled bow tie pasta with flavorful pesto, sweet garden peas and a sprinkling of Parmesan as an entree. Or just request a tub to go from their deli case. 


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Lamb Mac and Cheese - Terra

Decadent and borderline sinful, traditional mac and cheese is elevated at Terra in West Columbia with succulent lamb and bright Poblano peppers and topped with breadcrumbs. Wowza.


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How’s that for beyond the biscuit? For more deliciousness in Columbia SC, check out our restaurants page, where you can search by category to find exactly what you're craving.