Are you a wealth of random information? Are you competitive? Well, it’s time to put all that stored-up knowledge to the test. We’re rounding up all the best places in the capital city for you and your squad to challenge your trivia-savvy, while still following safety guidelines, of course. Come out on top, and you most likely won’t go home empty-handed. Plus, you’ll earn the best prize of all: Bragging rights.


Home Team BBQ

Kick off the week with some brain teasers at Home Team BBQ in Five Points every Monday at 7:00 pm. Winners get to take home gift cards. A little insider tip: the Game Changers frozen cocktail is the key to a successful night, whether you define that as winning or just having a good time.


Market on Main

Tuesday nights are made for outdoor patios, sipping something chilled, and of course, proving you’re the smartest of your crew. Spend your evening at Market on Main’s spacious outdoor patio in the heart of downtown while you play trivia on Soda City’s biggest screen. Whether you’re victorious or fall short, everyone’s a winner because on trivia nights you can snag a mouthwatering MoM burger for half off. 


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Salty Nut Cafe

Put on your thinking cap and head down to Five Points. The Salty Nut Café will be waiting to see if you have what it takes with a bucket of peanuts and refreshing brews at the ready. Be sure to get in some brain food like spicy wings and stacked burgers before you join the festivities with themes like Threat Level Wing Night: The Office Trivia. Rally your team and win, and you can declare yourself “World’s Best Boss."


Art Bar

Escape the ordinary at Art Bar in the Vista. Trivia starts at 8:00 pm, but we wouldn't blame you if you showed up a bit early to check out this one-of-a-kind watering hole. 

Before heading out for an evening of fun and games, be sure to check local Covid-19 Protocols and businesses procedures.