If you’re a local, you already know that Cayce is booming with development and the excitement of what's to come. Not a local? Read our itinerary below for some inspiration to help plan your trip to this charming and funky area.

Saturday Brunch

Roll on in and act like you belong here by starting your trip with brunch at Just Us Cafe. Feeling like you’re ready to conquer the day? Order up the omelets with melted cheese, juicy meat, and fresh veggies. 

Saturday Stroll

Now it’s time to walk off that last extra bite. Stroll through the arts district and find the “Enjoy the Little Things” mural for the perfect Instagram-worthy photo, but don’t stop there. Along your stroll you’ll see several murals that will catch your eye. Just be sure to watch out for the big lizard. 

When it comes to outdoor offerings, there are more things to do than hours to do them in Cayce. Leave the murals for a change of scenery on the Cayce Riverwalk (just steps away). Spanning 12 miles, there’s plenty of room for walking, biking or just escaping reality for a moment amidst fresh air and cool waters. Can you find public art in the form of an iron bench and a wooden sculpture? Catch a photo to prove you found them!  

Meet Your Home for the Night

Refresh and recharge at your home for the night, the Courtyard by Marriott Columbia Cayce. With an inviting lobby, outdoor pool and patio, and pillow top mattresses, this hotel will make you feel right at home. Check in, freshen up and get ready to keep falling in love with this charming area.

Saturday Afternoon

After all of that activity you deserve a cold brew, literally. Head to Steel Hands Brewery for a Coffee Lager made with Loveland Coffee. Pro tip – there’s a cup of cold brew in every pint. As the region’s largest brewery, you can bet Steel Hands is known for a rollicking good time, social-distance style. In the summer you can find all kinds of pups enjoying the sun, and in the fall you can find them cozied up to the outdoor fire pits. 

Bonus – live music dons the outdoor stage made of shipping containers every Saturday afternoon.

Saturday Evening

One of the region’s most iconic restaurants is what’s for dinner. Head to The Kingsman and don’t be fooled by its humble exterior. This menu is known to have some seriously good eats “from the King’s table” like the Kingsman Ribeye and the Kings Throne burger. Whatever you order for your entrée, you must start with the pimento cheese dip, a Southern favorite.

Sunday Wake Up Call

After a day like that we know you’re going to need some seriously good (and strong) coffee. Piecewise Coffee is your spot. Back in the river arts district is where you’ll find this cozy little spot that boasts the phrase, “you can always sit with us.” Order up your usual or something fancy and grab a corner to reflect on all the fun from the previous day.

Sunday History Lesson

Once you’ve gotten a little pep in your step, head to the 12,000 Year History Park for a self-guided tour of this unique archeological site. With stories of inhabitants that date back the last 120 centuries, including mammoths, Native American tribes and Civil War soldiers, this park is full of stories for all ages.

Sunday Grab & Go

You would be remiss not to get takeout from Duke’s Pad Thai on your way out. This noodle bar gained a loyal following quickly and for good reason. From street tacos to traditional Pad Thai, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you choose your level of spicy wisely. 


Like what you’ve seen? We’ve just scraped the surface of things to do in Cayce and the surrounding Columbia region. Come back for another visit and we will fill up your 24 hours just as easily again. 

Locals, did we miss your favorite Cayce spot? Let us know your hangouts!