As we prepare to welcome guests, prepare meals and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, there are many reasons to show and share gratitude. From being in the presence of family and friends to health and safety to the atmosphere, grit and charm that make up the fabric of the region, this is the season to appreciate the gifts of life. We asked our Columbia SC Ambassadors what they are thankful for this year. Here’s what they had to say.  

Lee Snelgrove

"I'm incredibly thankful for my family and the wonderful quality of life we're able to have in Columbia. We're so fortunate to have access to the rivers, parks, and walking trails as well as high-quality museums and cultural events" 

Merrell Johnson

“First, I'm thankful for my family and friends, their love and support is unique in that it's 100 percent honest 100 percent of the time.  I'm also thankful for all health care workers and essential employees across the country who have shown up consistently during this pandemic. I don't know where this world would be without them. Last, I'm extremely thankful for grace. I feel that for many years we have all been working overtime to simply make it. Tasks such as paying bills, getting kids to school on time, making the appointments, staying connected with friends, and showing up, have seemingly gotten a tad bit more difficult for all of us. The grace we have extended to each other to allow for error, self-correction, and flatly put, failure, has been phenomenal. It's not unique to the Heart of SC, but it's certainly embodied by all who live, work, and play here.”

CJ Tamasco

“I’m thankful for my family’s health and wellbeing during what has been such a heartbreaking season of loss for so many due to the pandemic. I’m thankful for my sweep pup, Queso and all the joy he brings to our lives. I’m thankful for my husband, Jon and our lives together in this fabulous city that we love so dearly.”

Ashley Wood

“My husband, Travis, and this season of our life as newlyweds. I’m thankful for our family, our friends who have become family, thankful to have made it through the year, and thankful to live in such an incredible city with the sweetest vibes and the sweetest people.”

From Our Followers:

  • “Living in the best city in the South.” @gamecockdoug
  • “Thankful for so much about Columbia – from the food and drink to the people and spirit. Truly the greatest.” @meowligator
  • “I LOVE Columbia. The atmosphere, the ambiance. I’ve lived all of the U.S., but ain’t no place like Cola.” @schrodingers_gato_36
  • “I’m thankful for my job, my family and my customers.” @jarrettsjungle
  • “One of the most colorful and mild falls we have had in a long time.” @kskrapfel