What can we say … deviled eggs are “a thing” on restaurant menus in the Columbia region. They come in all sorts of varieties – from deep fried to all dolled up with unexpected toppings (cue fried chicken skin). With so many tasty offerings available, we’re adding to our list of must-try deviled egg dishes in Columbia SC.

Bone-In Barbecue 

Bone-In Barbecue chefs kick their deviled eggs up a notch with the addition of Nashville hot fried chicken skin and a seasonal chutney to put the “devil” in their deviled eggs. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spicy goodness.  


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What do you pair with a dish as Southern as deviled eggs? Duke’s mayo of course. Yesterday’s Carolina Deviled Eggs are prepared with Duke’s and pickles and fried to perfection. Come early and order quickly because this is a hard one to keep in stock!

The Root Cellar 

Located in Lexington and known for their casual southern food, The Root Cellar’s deviled eggs do not disappoint! Topped with bacon, green onions and paprika, their rendition is as down-home as you’ll get. 


This Five Points fine dining spot adds an extra Southern twist to their eggs by frying the egg white before filling it with a delicately pipped pimento cheese mouse, yeah you read that right. The whole ensemble is topped with a classic sprinkle of espelette pepper, Dijon mustard drizzle and of course City Roots micro-greens. 


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Cola’s Southern Fried Deviled Eggs are much more than the potluck staple you’re used to. Filled with deviled shrimp salad and crispy spicy bacon for an elevated twist on the classic favorite. Grab it as an appetizer or a side dish to make your meal complete.