Even in the face of uncertainty, the heart of SC remains as vibrant and resilient as ever. While we’re all eager to continue to make progress toward normalcy, your comfort and safety are top priority, and our fearless, community leaders are working tirelessly to ensure that. But it takes all of us, working together. You can still take in all that Columbia SC has to offer, just remember to follow the recommended guidelines, stay patient, and be compassionate with yourself and others. 

Your favorite local businesses and attractions are opening their doors once again, and they’re excited to welcome you back. They’ve missed your smiling faces! They’ve pulled out all the stops (following CDC and local government guidelines) to make sure you enjoy your visit while remaining safe. You’ll notice that sanitization procedures have increased, proper protective gear is being worn, and businesses are operating at reduced occupancy to allow for social distancing. Our food service workers, like the employees at Stoner’s Pizza, are even receiving COVID-19 specific training to serve our community more safely.


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If you’re not quite ready for a day out on the town, but fresh air is what you need, city parks, tennis courts, and athletic fields are open to the public. Just remember to be aware of social distancing and keep group sizes to an appropriate number, and it’s game on. 


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Columbia SC city and state officials are working around the clock to provide the proper tools and resources we need to protect ourselves and others. From free testing, to providing first responders with safe and comfortable hotel rooms through the Peace of Mind initiative, our leaders are making sure we’re taken care of. Not just now, but also down the road. Accelerate SC, and the Resilient Midlands Task Force, are carefully planning how to best navigate the coming months, with safety at the forefront. 


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It won’t be like this forever, and we know that Columbia SC has the grit to get through it. Continue supporting locals businesses, and sharing your #RealColumbiaSC pride, while being mindful of social distancing and guidelines, and keep washing those hands!