Williams-Brice Stadium

  • Address: 1125 George Rogers Blvd., University of SC, Columbia, SC 29201
  • Phone: (803) 254-2950

Home to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks is Williams-Brice Stadium, recognized as one of the finest facilities in all of college football. Carolina annually ranks among the nation's leaders in attendance and Gamecock fans are regarded as some of the most loyal in the country.

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Williams-Brice Stadium, formerly Carolina Stadium, was first constructed in 1934 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Then it seated 17,600. It has undergone a number of expansions and revisions over the years, with the largest prior to the 1982 expansion coming in 1971-72. A bequest from the estate of Mrs. Martha Williams Brice helped boost the capacity then from slightly more than 43,000 to more than 54,000.

Mrs. Brice's husband, Thomas H. Brice, was a Gamecock football letterman, 1922-24, and her family operated the Williams furniture Company in Sumter. She left a substantial interitance from the Williams Furniture fortune to her nephews, Thomas W. and Phillip L. Edwards, much of which they passed on to the University of South Carolina. That included a bequest for the stadium project.

The name was officially changed from Carolina Stadium to Williams-Brice Stadium in dedication ceremonies during the September 9, 1972 opener with Virginia.

Williams-Brice Stadium Facts
- First constructed in 1934, Williams-Brice Stadium has a seating capacity of 80,250

- Over the past five years, Carolina has sold out all of its home games prior to the beginning of the season

- USC consistently ranks among the top 12 in the nation in home attendance

- Nearly $30 million of improvements and renovations have taken place at Williams-Brice Stadium over the past 10 years

- The Zone features an 11,000-square foot banquet facility and provides fans with a fantastic view from the South End Zone

- The premium seating and executive suites at the stadium are among the finest in college football

- First game as Carolina Stadium was on September 23, 1934. (USC 25, Erskine 0)

- Dedicated as Williams-Brice Stadium on September 9, 1972. (Virginia 24, USC 16)

Capacity: 80,250
Playing Surface: Natural Grass

Top Five Crowds at Williams-Brice Stadium

85,000 vs. Clemson (11-17-01)
84,900 vs. Florida (11-10-01)
84,277 vs. Georgia (9-14-02)
84,200 vs. Tennessee (10-28-00)
83,987 vs. Clemson (11-22-03)

Children must have tickets regardless of age ... The use of intoxicating liquors or video recorders for filming purposes in the stadium is prohibited ... No umbrellas, coolers or thermoses are allowed in the stadium .. No smoking in seating areas, lounges, or enclosed concourses.

Non pocket seat cushions, Binocluars - but leave your case at home, pagers & cell phones, clear, sealed, plastic water bottles, small cameras & radios, blankets & rain apparel, diaper bags (with a baby), purses/fanny packs, bags, etc. up to 5" W x 8" L x 5" H, single person seat backs

Bags larger than 5" W x 8" L x 5" H (exception: diaper bags), backpacks, containers of any kind, aerosol & spray cans, umbrellas, flags & flagpoles, unauthorized banners, alcoholic beverages, coolers, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks, food of any kind, camcorders & tripods, strollers, weapons/concealed weapons

A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf is located for your convenience at the first aid station on the West Side Main Level. Information on how to use the device can be found at that location.

Rest rooms for men and women are located throughout the stadium on most levels. Rest rooms are not located on the lower West side of the stadium.

The public address system will be used only in case of grave emergency. For emergency announcements, go to the first aid station near gate 3, gate 11 or near section 305, and the attendant there will telephone your message to the public address announcer.

All stadium exits will be opened after the game. Please do not leave the stadium during the game or at halftime if you plan to re-enter. No pass out tickets will be issued, and once a person leaves the stadium, he or she will not be permitted to re-enter except in extreme emergency. In such cases, go to the employee pass gate at the Northwest corner of the stadium.

Medical facilities, equipped and staffed as limited first-aid treatment stations, are located for convenient access at all stadium areas. If assistance is needed, contact the nearest usher for directions to the nearest first-aid facility.

Upon leaving the stadium, we ask your full cooperation with the Highway Patrol in the effort to speed the flow of traffic from the stadium. And, on the way home, please drive carefully as the highways will be congested with weekend crowds.

Lost and found, for Williams-Brice Stadium only, will be at the stadium manager's office on the Monday following home games between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Call Jim Shealy at (803) 777-8506 for any lost and found issues related to Williams-Brice Stadium.

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